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  • May 15, 2024 5 min read

    Dragon Ball, since its manga debut in 1984, has exploded into a global phenomenon. Creator Akira Toriyama's martial arts adventure has spawned countless anime series, movies, video games, and a legion of devoted fans. But even the most die-hard followers might not know everything about this vast universe. Here, we'll delve into some surprising facts about Dragon Ball, the hidden details that make this franchise a one-of-a-kind pop culture juggernaut.


    The Gentle Fist of the Super Saiyan: Goku's Moral Compass


    Despite the high-octane battles that define "Dragon Ball," Goku, the series' iconic protagonist, is surprisingly restrained when it comes to taking a life. While facing off against villainous threats is practically his day job, Goku has only definitively killed two opponents throughout the entire franchise!

    That's right, in all his years of battling intergalactic foes, Goku has overwhelmingly opted for non-lethal takedowns. This stands in stark contrast to his Saiyan comrade, Vegeta, whose kill count boasts a much more impressive number.

    So, what gives? Why does the seemingly unstoppable Goku hesitate before delivering the final blow? Here's a breakdown of Goku's surprising pacifism:

      1. A Saiyan Raised on Earth: Unlike most Saiyans, Goku grew up on Earth, instilled with the values of humanity. This upbringing fostered a strong sense of right and wrong, leading him to prioritize incapacitating villains over outright destruction.

      1. The Thrill of the Fight: Goku thrives on competition and the challenge a worthy opponent presents. He sees the potential for growth in every battle, and taking a life would cut a fight short, robbing him of the thrill and the chance to improve his skills.

      1. Second Chances: Goku believes in redemption. He recognizes the possibility that even the most ruthless villain can change their ways. Leaving them alive allows for that possibility, unlike a permanent end.

    Of course, this isn't to say Goku is a pushover. He'll unleash his full power when necessary to protect those he cares about. But even in the heat of battle, his Saiyan instincts for combat are often tempered by his Earth-born sense of compassion. This unique blend makes Goku a truly compelling hero – a warrior who delivers justice without resorting to unnecessary bloodshed.