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  • Black Adam Trailer Breakdown: It Looks like The Rock has cooked a promising future for DC

    June 13, 2022 5 min read

    It can take years to make a movie. It's just the way the business is. Even under ideal conditions, it takes a couple of years from conception to release in Hollywood. But Black Adam, which took over a decade to develop, now has a trailer. Yes, It's a real movie that will be released in theatres later this year, and for DC fans like me who have been waiting to see The Rock, who was born for this, it's both exciting and hard to believe. So slap yourselves to confirm you are not dreaming, Yes this is happening.

    First here take a look at the trailer.

    Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is finally ready to make his debut after a long, long journey.

    It's been more than a decade since the Rock first mentioned wanting to play the DC antihero, and his first confirmation came last year at DC Fandome. The 5,000-year-old morally ambiguous warrior with godlike abilities has arrived.

    Black Adam will finally hit theatres on October 21, and Warner Bros. has released the first trailer (see above), showcasing the comprehensive view of Dwayne Johnson as the powerful Egyptian god and his abilities.

    A Crash in the Mountains

    Black Adam, A Crash Landing

    The trailer begins with an unidentified craft coming in for a landing over some snow-covered mountains. There aren't many hints as to where this is, but it appears that Black Adam is on that ship at the very least.

    Time to Wake up

    Following that, we see Black Adam lying on a massive medical table. He is surrounded by some well-armored doomed people (Goodluck stopping him). As this is a cryo-chamber designed to keep him under, it's clearly more in line with carbon freezing.

    My name is Fate, Doctor Fate.

    Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer who helped found the JSA in the comics, is another big name who is making his big screen debut. Brosnan, a former James Bond star (arguably one of the best ever), is playing the role, and the trailer teases how powerful he is. Brosnan also bestows another superpower on Fate: his oozing charisma.

    Dr. Fate is such a beloved character that you needed someone to play him who is also a beloved person. Brosnan's warmth and sensitivity are palpable in the trailer, and it adds an irresistible touch to the character.

    Hard times breed better men, in this case a full blown demi-god.

    Here, we delve into the character's backstory in the film, which depicts him as a slave (presumably in Egypt, given the character's origins in DC Comics). "I was a slave until I died," The Rock says in this scene. And then, all of a sudden, a big, burly, mean guy kills him. We're getting some "300" vibes here, with Adam being thrown into a pit after being stabbed multiple times, this movie isn't holding back on depiction of violence.

    The tragedy continues again, as we learn that Adam's son made the ultimate sacrifice to save his father. What circumstances are they referring to? is a mystery.

    He isn't bowing to anyone

    The armoured men who broke into the cavern begin to unload round after round from their machine guns on Adam just moments after he is resurrected in the modern world, looking pretty gothic and angry with his cloak overhead. As we can see, Adam is able to deal with this as if it were nothing. Bullets are negligible to him, which is bad news for the nameless soldiers about to be dispatched. It's not like when Superman saves a life by deflecting a bullet; you know something bad is about to happen.

    The Rock makes an ominous statement here, declaring that he "bows to no one," before blasting out of this cave where he's been trapped for a long time. He appears to be powerful, cool, and angry. So pour one out for anyone who is about to block his path.

    Hawkman is here with JLA

    Hawkman appears in all of his gold-plated glory in the next shot, with a wingspan that barely fits in the frame. It's unclear whether the film will maintain his identity as a being from the planet Thanagar, but this appears to be a pretty accurate recreation of the costume. As the various members of the Justice Society are introduced, Hodge has some voiceover where he says, "There are heroes and there are villains.

    They were summoned to an undisclosed location to handle some superhero matters. Is it possible that it has something to do with Black Adam's violent rage as he emerges from his cave?

    Atom Smasher is a beast

    Now we meet Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, who in this shot is about the size of a five-story building as he runs down the street. He has a classic superhero/science fiction vibe to him. In my opinion, there's even a hint of Ultraman, which is kind of cool.

    The Face-Off

    During the battle, we get a brief exchange between Adam and Hawkman, in which Hawkman declares that heroes do not kill people. At this point, we see how different Adam is from other DC heroes, as he responds quickly and without hesitation, "I do." People, there will be a body count.

    Demi-God to Hero?

    This is a pivotal scene in the trailer, as Dr. Fate gives Black Adam a stark choice based on a vision he had. He tells the emerging antihero that he can be either the world's destroyer or its saviour. Now, I'm inclined to believe that by the end of it, he'll be closer to saviour, but in the meantime, he'll cause some death and destruction.

     The first look at the Suit and Shazam connection

    This shot gives us the best view of Black Adam's suit, which is very form-fitting as we can see. There's no way to fit any pads in there because it looks like The Rock's ridiculously muscly body was painted on. To be in a superhero film, a lot of people get in shape, But The Rock was already there a decade ago.

    In the comics, Black Adam battles a hero with a lightning bolt on his chest, but don't hold your breath for him to appear anytime soon. In 2019, Shazam, starring Zachary Levi as the fresh-faced strongman, was supposed to feature Johnson's Black Adam as the villain. But, in the end, the script changed, and Black Adam now has his own spotlight as the protagonist of his own story. Shazam sequel, Fury of the Gods, will be released in December, we expect him there.

    Damn! He is Powerful

    The trailer's final sequences feature some of our best looks at Johnson in action as well as one of the trailer's only  humorous moments. When a couple of unsuspecting onlookers in a van land in the desert, they realise they've landed in a bad spot and roll up their windows in amusement. Then, in a pretty baller (pun intended) move, Adam catches a rocket in his bare hand.

    And, of course, it explodes! This, however, does not appear to be a problem for him. A barrage of bullets won't be enough to stop him, and one small rocket won't either. That's all there is to it!

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