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  • May 21, 2022 3 min read

    Collecting action figures can be a tremendously enjoyable and rewarding hobby. It can transport you back to your childhood. It can help you celebrate your passion for your favourite film, comic book, or television show. And, if you buy carefully, it even can become a great financial investment, as many figures on the collectible market sell for big money.

    But first, ask a question to yourself.

    What is making you want to Collect Action Figures?

    We all know that action figures are cool, but what is your deeper motivation for start collecting action figures rather than stamps, books or coins? If the answer to this question is fandom, then let’s start, We will assist you in making more informed purchases and, ultimately, building a better collection.

    Do you have a favourite movie? Then you might want to limit your collection to movie-based action figures (e.g., collecting only Star Wars figures). Are you a fan of comic books? Then you might want to narrow down your collection to a specific character, story, movie, or TV show.

    Limiting your collection to one or two themes will keep you from overspending on any old action figure that catches your eye. Lack of focus can result in a jumbled collection of figures that you may later consider impulse purchases and ultimately a waste of your money.

    Perhaps you’re looking for all of your favourite action figures from your childhood. This can be a costly but extremely rewarding and full of awesome Nostalgia.

    Maybe you’re just a fan of the art that goes into making action figures. Then, you may want to concentrate your collection on figures with excellent sculpts and paint jobs. With each new figure, this could be a very aesthetic collection.

    Where Should You Start Your Collection?

    Once you’ve determined why you want to collect action figures, you can begin your collection with some wise first purchases. Begin by conducting preliminary research by browsing online action figure sites such as our own. This will give you an idea of what’s popular and what isn’t. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for in our store, send us an email, ping us on social media, or call us and we’ll help you find it through our network.

    Mint vs. loose?

    This is a major point of contention among action figure collectors.

    “Loose” action figures are those that have been removed from their packaging in order to be displayed in poses and holding their accessories (weapons, gear, etc.). Some collectors believe that displaying an action figure loose reduces its value, but other collectors, who are less concerned with collectible resale value, prefer displaying their figures loose for the enjoyment they get from displaying them “in action.”

    “Mint” can refer to action figures that are in the condition that they were displayed in stores, in their original packaging, with the packages brand new. On collectible and auction sites, you might see terms like “MIB” (mint in box), “MIP” (mint in package), or “NM” (near mint, meaning the figure is still in the package but has some wear and tear on the packaging).

    This is a purely personal choice that can be equally rewarding for the collector, so think about it carefully.

    How should you display your action figures?

    A lot of thought should go into how you present your figures. This is just as important as buying the right figures for your collection. Beautiful display cases with shelves and glass doors are available at many furniture and department stores or even in IKEA or Amazon. These are ideal for displaying collections in a specific area of your home or office, and they help keep your collection from spreading everywhere. If you can’t find a suitable display case, a pair of tall, matching bookshelves will be just as nice.

    So, now that you know the basics of action figure collecting, Check out our store and add your first figure to the cart.