January 19, 2019 3 min read

Welcome to the world of Action Figures.

All of us love these characters for who they are, be it the idealism of Captain America or the Quirky sarcasm of Iron Man and these collectibles is our way to show our fandom. People do all sort of things to celebrate their love for their favorites, they buy Mugs, T-shirts and other merchandise to show their love. But only the most hardcore fans buy Action Figures and Collectibles.

Wanna join, this elite club of action figure collector? Here are the seven commandments you should follow before you start.

1. Know what you like

The World of Pop Culture and Superheroes is huge as the universe from Star Trek, so knowing what you like is the first and most important step to starting a collection. Before you decide to spend your hard earned money, first off identify which, superhero / TV- Series / Movie or Cartoon/character you love.

2. Decide what you want to collect

For a new collector, it's always going to be a dream come true when you see a variety of stuff to collect. So after figuring out what you like, the next step is to know “What all do you like?”.

There is two school of thoughts that a good collector follows.

One is buying every part of the collection, For example collecting the whole Justice League or a set of movie characters, or only characters you like, the call herein depends on how you look at it, if you want to create like a whole collection because you loved the movie/series so much then go for it.

Or if you like say only Thor there is no need to collect the whole Avengers just go for what you like.

3. See everything before you start.

As I said earlier the impulse is the first thing we need to control, as falling in love with these collectibles is all but natural. Take your time and research the market, see what’s out there, you’re your ready for the next steps.

4. Plan your Collection.

Now that you have decided what things you like, it’s time to plan your purchases, have a vision on your collection and how you want to showcase it and you're ready to start your collection. Because the world of collectibles is never ending and even Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne can't purchase them all and the only undefeatable villain in our lives is money so, stick to a budget. pre-decide the amount you want to spend, yes you can always indulge in the odd figure you can't let go off, but keep your budget in mind.

5. What is scale and other collector jargons?

Next up is the ABC of Action figures. The few points to look out for before starting a collection.


This traditionally means the what the size of the figure, most action figures today range between the 6-7 inch scale, with a few moving to 1/10th scale or 1/12th scale which basically means the height of the product when compared to real / reel life character

b. Detailing

Detailing implies the level of realism the figure has when compared to the character, note it’s not compulsory that more expensive means more realistic always but in general its true.

c. Articulation

Articulation implies the level of manoeuvrability of the figure, the greater articulation – more number of poses.

d. Paint

Paint-work might seem small but they define how the final look of the product looks like.


6. Sticking to a Type

Action Figures come in a variety of forms, manufactured by hundreds of different companies from all around the world, It's important to identify which type of figures or a particular brand you want to collect. Trust us on this because you don't want a vague looking collection.

7. Don't Look at other people's collection.

Always remember, you started collecting because you, loved the character or movie,  This this is not a competition, certainly not a one where you can win. Collecting is a hobby and not a contest. Admire others collection but don't buy things just to beat them because there always would be someone who would have a better collection than you and you can't buy everything competing for supremacy can lead to your pockets being empty.

Keep the above in mind and your ready to kick off your collection. Welcome to the Club.

Happy Collecting ☺

PS: If you need help feel free to write to us atdevesh@superherotoystore.com