5. Things to know Before Collecting Statues

February 20, 2019

5. Things to know Before Collecting Statues

Hello readers, hope you are doing absolutely fine. Today lets understand about the king of collecting world, Yes we are talking about statues. Statues have long been loved by fans, their beauty is mesmerizing, brands across the world choose the best of the comics, tv and movie world to bring us these pieces of art that we so adore.

Statues are awesome, they bring a sense of serenity to a collection because each of them stand out due to their uniqueness. If you think about it, statues historically, it always has been used as a symbol.

 1. Decide what you want to collect

 The World of Pop Culture and Superheroes is huge as the universe from Star Trek, so knowing what you like is the first and most important step to starting a collection. Before you decide to spend your hard earned money, first off identify which, superhero / TV- Series / Movie or Cartoon/character you love.

 2. Choose a character or a series of characters

Statues create and live within the fandom, they are the ultimate grails for fans, hence knowing what you love is the most important factor as your soon going to start spending huge bucks on these beauties

 There are a couple of schools of thoughts here, people either collect by series or by characters.

 A series might be based on a comic book or TV series or movies, when it comes to characters collectors traditionally collect on multiple factors it can be an artist, poses, character attributes e.g. a Superman fan might relate to superman’s ideologies of truth and justice.

Majority of the people prefer the latter; in case you are collecting by series one must not that there might be times when brands won’t do a whole series, for example, a brand will only undertake a Batman statue from the Dark Knight trilogy

 3. Understand a statue

While this might be pretty obvious, it's sometimes easy to miss the basics, statues don’t move, at times they might have some features like interchangeable hands or faces but what you see is always what you get

4. Decide where and how you want to display

As they require a good amount of space to display them in their full glory. One can display these in their living room, in their room, in a showcase, on their work desk there are options aplenty, each comes with its own challenges, like a workspace would require a durable statue, as many a time people would walk across and touch the same, within a showcase you can even keep delicate statues.

5. Next up is the most important part, the jargons

Pay very close attention to this section as it shall help you greatly

a. Scale

Statues come in a variety of sizes and scale they could be something small as a 4 inches tall to as big as life-size statues. Scale refers to the size of the statue when compared to the original, so example 1:6 scale, means the statue is 1/6th the size of the original, like action figures sometimes size is also a large factor, but note bigger doesn’t always mean better. Keep note of the space you have.

Because not one brand will release all the products, collectors are known to have statues of multiple sizes, this is not bad, as you have to love what you buy and that’s all that matters in statues.

 b. Look for features

Many a time like action figures statues also come with features, common ones are interchangeable heads, light up, accessories, bases etc.

 c. The Material and Paintwork

The materials are one of the highest determiners regarding the quality of statue. Even though most modern statues are made of PVC or Resin, it is safe to find out what material they are made of – because the material defines the characteristics and detailing the statues have, we shall share details on this later.

Write a line on basics of PVC / resin here.

 d. Paintwork

Paintwork is one thing that can make or break a statue, many a time statues are hand painted to get the level of detailing, the paintwork should be looked up close for the level of detailing because it adds to the authenticity of the statue.

 e. Pose,

The beauty of any statue depends on the pose, in simpler terms the moment the statue attempts to capture. Traditionally the statue companies choose the post iconic moments for creating a statue, this brings about a nostalgia which nothing else can match. Since statues are not movable, the pose is all that matters, so choose only when to love the pose.

 f. Base and Background

Speaking of Pose, Base, and Background further enhance the pose; a strong base gives it a strong foundation, bases today are highly detailed, they have logo’s or have detailed work showcasing the moment the figure has tried to capture, hence the base will showcase the surroundings of the moment.  while a good base will increase a statues visual appeal to infinite levels of awesomeness.

 g. Sculptor

Like all forms of art, the artists define the artwork, there are times a sculptor can be the most defining factor for a statue, as their philosophies will define the result, some sculptors prefer minimalism, while some will push the boundaries and incorporate every detail, so keep an eye out.

 h. See everything before you start.

There are several brands who manufacture statues. Few of the popular brands are Iron Studios, Kotobukiya, Sideshow Collectibles etc. Each company has something special to offer, be it the price point, detailing, the accessories etc. Explore each brand and do proper research and ask yourself which brand is ideal for you.

 i. Plan your Collection.

This is the most difficult part, these beauties are normally released out of the blue, having one does have a heads up of 5-6 months before a statue hits the market, so one needs to identify the brand's ideology and see all the figures in the collection that are coming out.

 At times brand might release statues over a time span of years, e.g. the black and white collection by DC Collectibles, one needs to keep an eye out for this and start picking and planning.

 Another key factor about planning for statues is brands might not release a whole series at once, as I said it might be over the years, to one has to be patient when getting these beauties.

 j. Budget

Lastly, it all comes down to a price, these beauties are expensive, to always choose the statues that suit your budget the best, its ok to break the rules every once in a while, but the more u stick to a budget the better off ur wallet will be :P

 Now that you know the basics and other important stuff about statues what are you waiting for? Get that shelf cleaned and make space for the upgrade that would surely liven the room.

You don’t need any superpowers to start a collection just log on to superherotoystore.com and start your collection from our amazing range of statues designed by renowned sculptors and premium companies from around the world.

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