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    In Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Rain Mikamura is more than just Domon Kasshu's loyal companion; she's the irreplaceable backbone of the entire Neo Japan team. While Domon takes center stage with his flashy fighting style, Rain silently operates as the team's strategist, medic, and even secret weapon.

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    A Mind Sharper Than Any Beam Saber: Rain's brilliance extends far beyond battlefield tactics. Her expertise in engineering makes her an invaluable asset to the team, capable of keeping the technologically advanced Shining Gundam in top fighting form. Her medical knowledge allows her to patch up Domon and his allies after grueling battles, showcasing her unwavering compassion that extends even to rivals – a quality rarely seen in the cutthroat world of the Gundam Fight.

    Loyalty That Shines Brighter Than Any Solar Panel: Domon's burning desire for vengeance can cloud his judgment at times. Rain acts as his anchor, a calming presence who reminds him of the bigger picture. She never questions her loyalty, even when Domon's temper flares. This unwavering support becomes even more crucial when Domon is forced to confront his own brother on the battlefield. Rain's empathy and understanding throughout this ordeal solidify her role as Domon's closest confidante.


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    A Hidden Arsenal of Skills: Don't be fooled by Rain's gentle demeanor. She's a capable fighter in her own right. While Domon excels in close-quarters combat, Rain possesses a surprising arsenal of talents. She's a crack shot with a pistol, able to take down an enemy's weapon from afar. Her compact, a seemingly ordinary accessory, transforms into a multi-functional tool, offering communication, a protective barrier, and even a blinding flashlight. But her most unique weapon? An earring that emits a paralyzing light, a secret weapon that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

    Rain Mikamura is the embodiment of strength that comes in many forms. Her intelligence, unwavering loyalty, and hidden talents make her an indispensable member of the Neo Japan team. She's the heart that keeps the Shining Gundam and Domon's fighting spirit burning brightly throughout the entire Gundam Fight.


    Rain's Journey in the 13th Gundam Fight:

    Rain's path in the Gundam Fight takes a sharp turn. Initially set on becoming a doctor, she's forced by her father to become Domon Kasshu's mechanic for the Shining Gundam. Their partnership flourishes until Rain gets injured during battle. Domon sends her to Neo Hong Kong for safety, but Rain rejoins him later.

    Their bond is tested again when Rain temporarily sides with Neo Germany after a disagreement with Domon. However, she realizes she can't abandon him and returns.

    The story takes a dramatic turn when Rain uncovers the truth about the Devil Gundam. She learns her father played a role in stealing it and ruining her grandfather's reputation. This revelation weighs heavily on her.

    Driven by a sense of responsibility, Rain takes action. She helps Schwarz Bruder escape and even pilots the Rising Gundam to save an infected Allenby Beardsley.

    However, fate has other plans. Ulube reveals Rain is the ideal pilot for the Devil Gundam, and she's forcefully taken to become its Core Life Unit. This decision proves disastrous as the Devil Gundam feeds on Rain's guilt and merges with the entire Neo Japan colony.

    Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, Domon refuses to give up. He confronts the monstrous Colony Devil Gundam, only to discover Rain is at its core. Through a heartfelt confession of love, Domon breaks her free from the Gundam's control. Together, they destroy the Devil Gundam, and Rain returns to Earth with Domon, finally free from the burden of her past.


    Rain's Relationships

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    Domon Kasshu: Rain and Domon have been friends since childhood. They reunite when the Devil Gundam threatens Earth, reigniting Domon's vow to destroy it. Rain often balances Domon's single-minded focus, acting as his voice of reason. Despite his recklessness, Rain stays by his side. Domon acknowledges her as a co-pilot of the Shining Gundam. Their dynamic shifts as Domon becomes calmer, but his closeness to Allenby sparks jealousy in Rain. Their bond strengthens when Domon realizes he needs her, especially after learning the truth about Rain's family's role in his tragedy. Together, they defeat the Devil Gundam.



    Allenby Beardsley: Rain isn't a fighter like Allenby and struggles to connect with Domon on the same level. Aware of Allenby's feelings for Domon, Rain experiences jealousy and tries to keep them apart. However, Rain still cares for Allenby and helps her when Allenby loses control.

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    Dr. Mikamura: Rain had a good relationship with her father. However, discovering his involvement with the Devil Gundam devastates and angers her. Despite her rage, she remains by his side when he acknowledges his mistakes and attempts to make amends. The text doesn't reveal her feelings about his death.


    Behind the Scenes

    • When the Devil Gundam takes over Rain, her body is completely transformed by DG cells, turning it a metallic silver. This visual change reflects how the Devil Gundam forces Rain to become Domon's opponent. The silver contrasts Domon's own golden "Hyper Mode" form.

    • For the American Toonami broadcast, Rain's chest and hips were digitally colored black to comply with censorship standards.

    • The manga version of Rain has a more "tsundere" personality. This shift is likely due to the author's preference for the character Allenby. Rain's tsundere nature is most obvious in a flashback where, as a child, she teases Domon during a family photo – something not seen in the anime.

    So there you have it, Gundam fans! A deeper dive into Rain Mikamura's transformation and a glimpse into her manga counterpart. Did the silver Rain surprise you? Did you know about the censorship changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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