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    Obito Uchiha, introduced in a side story, starts as a young ninja in Naruto's world. Initially, he appears to die heroically saving his teammates, Kakashi and Rin, during a war. However, a shocking twist reveals that Obito survived, becoming the true leader of the villainous organization, Akatsuki.

    Obito operates in the shadows, using the name Madara Uchiha and disguises himself with masks. This character twist surprised fans, especially after the reveal of the real Madara.

    Masashi Kishimoto, the creator, developed Obito early on to explore his bond with Kakashi and explain how Kakashi obtained the rare Sharingan eye technique, specific to the Uchiha clan.

    Obito's portrayal as a child soldier resonated with viewers, and his battles as an adult were praised. His popularity is reflected in his ranking as the 11th favorite character in a recent Naruto fan poll.

    Who should have been given Shisui's Sharingan if Kakashi wasn't given it  (excluding Obito)? Why them in particular? - Quora

    Let's delve deeper into Obito's story:

    Obito found the enemy hideout but was spotted. Kakashi, inspired by Obito's words, saved him but lost an eye. Witnessing this, Obito awakened the Sharingan, allowing him to defeat the enemy.

    Later, trapped in a collapsing cave, Obito sacrificed himself to save Kakashi. As a final act, he entrusted his Sharingan to Kakashi, a symbol of their newfound friendship and a silent apology.

    Believing Obito dead, Kakashi and Rin escaped, leaving their friend behind. Obito's name was etched on the village memorial, marking his supposed demise.



    A Complex Character from the Beginning

    Early Introduction and Mystery:

    The first time Obito appeared was in Chapter 16: Who Are You. This was also  the same chapter we saw Haku's face behind the mask. When Naruto broke  Obito's mask, those panels

    • Obito's first appearance might surprise you! He wasn't officially introduced until special chapters about his childhood as a soldier, but a hint was hidden on the cover of chapter 16, where he appears with Kakashi.
    • The author, Masashi Kishimoto, wanted to create a mystery around Kakashi's unique eye ability (Sharingan). Why did he only have one? The answer, revealed later, is tied to Obito.

    Obito's Impact on the Story:

    In Naruto if Itachi Uchiha and Obito Uchiha fight, who will win? - Quora

    • Kishimoto planned Obito's backstory early on, including his connection to the Uchiha clan and his impact on Kakashi.
    • To introduce a powerful enemy for the young characters, Kishimoto created the Akatsuki organization. This led to a timeskip in the story so Naruto and his friends could eventually face them. Real-world organizations inspired the Akatsuki.
    • Obito, disguised as "Tobi," was Kishimoto's favorite Akatsuki member to draw because of his simple mask. His nickname even came from something Obito called him!

    Development and Importance:

    Naruto: How Did Madara Prepare Obito As His Successor?

    • As the story progressed, Obito's character development became crucial. Kishimoto saw him as equally important as Naruto and Sasuke's growth.
    • Obito's actions, particularly against Konan, highlighted the loss of a shared dream and foreshadowed Naruto's role as a beacon of hope.
    • When the real Madara Uchiha appeared, Kishimoto kept Obito's true identity a secret, hinting at their connection.

    Voice Acting and Design:

    • The voice actors for Obito and his younger self changed throughout the series (both Japanese and English versions).
    • Obito's multiple designs throughout the story surprised even the character designer, who noted parallels between his childhood and Naruto's.
    • When the anime revealed Obito's true identity, the staff even created a special scene about his childhood, emphasizing the connection to the series' protagonist.


    The Evolution of Obito and Tobi – Naruto | Daily Anime Art

    We first meet Obito in a Naruto side story, "Kakashi Chronicle." A young ninja during the war, Obito dreams of becoming Konohagakure's Hokage. He also harbors a secret crush on his teammate, Rin. Tragically, during a mission, Obito sacrifices himself to save Rin, but not before giving his Sharingan eye to Kakashi.

    Twist Revealed!

    How did Rin die in Naruto? - Quora

    Later in the story, a shocking truth comes out. An old Madara Uchiha saved Obito and fueled his hatred by manipulating him to witness Rin's death. Consumed by grief, Obito adopts Madara's name and takes control of the Akatsuki, a rogue ninja organization. He orchestrates events that lead to the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha, causing the deaths of Minato and Kushina, Naruto's parents.

    Hidden in Plain Sight

    Naruto: Why did Obito act differently as Tobi? Explained

    For much of the series, Obito works from the shadows. He takes on the alias "Tobi" and influences Sasuke Uchiha by revealing the truth about his clan's massacre. When his true identity is finally exposed, he becomes the main antagonist, aiming to use the Ten-Tails to create a world under his control.


    Obito Uchiha Six paths - Naruto Shippuden | Uchiha, Naruto sketch, Trippy  drawings

    Despite his villainy, Obito experiences a change of heart. He sees a flicker of his old self in Naruto and tries to atone for his sins. He sacrifices himself to save Naruto and Kakashi, finally finding peace. Even after his death, his spirit helps Kakashi one last time.

    Beyond the Manga

    Obito's story continues in video games and other media, offering more details about his past and motivations.


    A Complex Character With Lasting Impact

    Fan Reception:

    • Childhood Exploration: Fans appreciated the exploration of Obito's past with Rin and Kakashi, as it significantly impacted the story (Source: Sci Fi Online).
    • Popularity: Obito ranked 19th in a manga popularity poll, and his final war portrayal drew praise for its darkness.
    • Memorable Battles: Obito's fights against Konan (11th best) and Minato (4th best) were considered highlights of the series (Source: IGN).


    • Tobi's Deception: Critics were surprised and intrigued by Tobi's true identity as the Akatsuki leader and his connection to Madara (Source: Anime News Network).
    • Fighting Style: His teleportation techniques and control of the tailed beasts kept viewers engaged (Source: Anime News Network, UK Anime Network).


    • Impact on Kakashi: The reveal of Obito's identity and Kakashi's struggle to confront his past resonated with audiences (Source: The Fandom Post, UK Anime Network). .
    • Mixed Reactions: Some found the reveal predictable but still impactful, while others were surprised by Obito's character shift (Source: Anime News Network). 
    • Final Arc: The animation of Obito and Kakashi's fight was praised, but some criticized the handling of his death and the power transfer to Kakashi (Source: Anime News Network).

    Obito Uchiha's journey in Naruto Shippuden is a complex one, filled with tragedy, darkness, and unexpected turns. From his shrouded past to his impact on the story's core characters, Obito left a lasting impression on fans and critics alike. Whether admired for his complexity or criticized for his actions, Obito's presence in the Naruto universe is undeniable.

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