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Nightwing is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The persona of Nightwing has been adopted by Batman’s ally Dick Grayson after he outgrows his identity as Batman’s partner Robin.

Dick Grayson first appeared as Nightwing in Tales of the Teen Titans #44(1984).

Nightwing was created by Curt Swan and Edmond Hamilton.


Publication History

The character was introduced in Detective Comics #38(1940) as Robin. Dick grayson made his first appearance as Nightwing in Teen Titans # 44(1984).







Fictional Character Biography

Dick Grayson was Batman’s partner Robin, as he grew older he spent more time as the leader of the Teen Titans and retired from the mantle of Robin and took up his own identity as the superhero Nightwing. As Nightwing he fights crime and protects Bludhaven. He occasionally returns to Gotham to assist Batman.

After Bane breaks Batman’s back in Knightfall, Batman recovers and trains all of his allies to protect themselves if they were ever attacked by Bane by using a simulator. During this training Nightwing broke Bane’s back exactly the way Bane broke Batman’s.

After the Death of Batman due to the events in Batman R.I.P and Final Crisis,Alfred and Tim Drake(Red Robin) insist on Dick to take up the mantle of the Batman and protect Gotham, but Dick was against it saying that he never wanted to be like him. After a fight between Jason Todd and Tim Drake which leaves the latter seriously injured, Nightwing fights against Jason Todd and defeats him and then finally brings himself to take up the mantle and become Batman. He worked as Batman until Bruce Wayne returned.

In the New 52 reboot in Nightwing #29,Nightwing is killed at the hands of the Crime Syndicate.But Lex Luthor saved his life just in time.

In Nightwing #30, Batman tells Nightwing that he should remain dead and work as an undercover agent of the Spyral organization. The Nightwing comic book series concludes and Grayson begins which focuses on Dick Grayson as Agent 37.

The Grayson series ended in June 2016 when DC Comics announced their Rebirth event. In Rebirth, Dick goes back to being Nightwing and uses the traditional black and blue costume as compared to the red and black which was used in The New 52.

Skills and abilities

Nightwing possesses peak athletic strength and endurance who rigorously engages in physical exercise. He has the skill and combat level that rivals Batman’s and has been trained by Batman in the art of escapology to criminology, stealth, fencing and disguise and numerous other combat/non combat disciplines. He has a lot of will that can even withstand a telepathic attack. He is also a master of espionage which can be seen when he works in Spyral.

He is armed with twin Eskrimasticks which deliver a high current and he is also armed with a dozen Batarangs which he calls Wing-dings.

He is also a very highly skilled acrobat due to his former days as a member of The Flying Graysons.He is regarded as the greatest acrobat in the DC Universe. He is the only human on earth who can do a quadruple somersault.(1)

 Supporting Characters


Nightwing has numerous supporting characters,the most common being Batman, the entire Bat-family and the Teen Titans. His supporting characters also include his love interest Barbara Gordon.




Over the years Nightwing has made a lot of enemies like Deathstroke, Ravager, Hush, Black mask, etc.








Notable Comics(2)

 Comics Writer(s) Artist(s)
The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Marv Wolfman, George Perez Romeo Tanghal, George Perez, Dick Giordano
Nightwing: A Knight In Bludhaven Chuck Dixon Scott McDaniel, Karl Story
Batman:The Black Mirror Scott Snyder Francesco Francavilla, Jock, David Baron
Nightwing: Year One Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Batman: Reborn Grant Morrison, Paul Dini Philip Tan, Frank Quitely, Jonatahn Glapion, Alex Sinclair
Nightwing: Freefall Peter J. Tomasi Rags Morales, Micheal Bair


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