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  • May 11, 2024 11 min read

    Imagine a world where the heroes you know and love turn into ravenous monsters. This isn't a dream, it's the terrifying reality of DCeased, a six-issue comic event that sent shockwaves through the DC Universe.

    In this alternate Earth, a corrupted version of the Anti-Life Equation rips through the digital realm, infecting millions with a horrifying virus. Suddenly, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman – all become mindless, undead creatures with a single, insatiable hunger: human flesh.

    This isn't your typical zombie apocalypse. We experience the chaos through the eyes of Lois Lane, a survivor struggling to keep her remaining humanity intact in a world gone mad. Witness the fall of the Justice League, the desperate fight for survival, and the rise of unlikely heroes in a desperate bid to save what's left of humanity.

    So, buckle up for a harrowing journey. DCeased will redefine your favorite heroes and challenge everything you thought you knew about the DC Universe. Are you ready to face a world where the only thing deadlier than the infected... might be the heroes themselves?


    A Descent into Digital Darkness

    DCeased by Tom Taylor – Comic Books – Literature For the Masses

    DCeased plunges readers into a harrowing tale where a corrupted version of the Anti-Life Equation unleashes a digital plague upon the world. This techno-organic virus spreads like wildfire through screens, transforming ordinary people into monstrous, feral beings – the Anti-Living. In a cruel twist of fate, heroes fall victim alongside civilians. The stoic Batman succumbs to the infection, Green Lantern's rage fuels his transformation, and even the mighty Aquaman leads a horde of the infected.

    Superman, ever the beacon of hope, fights desperately to protect his family and the dwindling number of uninfected. But the situation grows bleaker by the moment. Faced with the unstoppable spread of the virus, the remaining heroes are forced into a series of agonizing choices. Superman isolates his family in the Fortress of Solitude, a desperate attempt to keep them safe. Wonder Woman rallies the Amazons to defend their island home of Themyscira, while Green Arrow establishes a communication network to broadcast a message of hope and guide survivors.

    Even in the face of annihilation, glimmers of hope emerge. Lex Luthor, a man not known for altruism, offers a begrudging alliance with Cyborg. Together, they work on constructing space arks – a last-ditch effort to ensure humanity's survival. Green Arrow and Black Canary risk everything to establish a radio broadcast, a lifeline for scattered survivors. Lois Lane, ever the tenacious journalist, becomes a beacon of strength, rallying the remaining heroes and civilians.

    But tragedy strikes yet again. The Flash, a hero known for his speed, becomes infected, spreading the virus at an alarming rate. Even Superman, burdened by protecting his family and battling the infected, succumbs to the Anti-Living virus. The weight of leadership falls on Wonder Woman's shoulders, forcing her to make the unthinkable decision – lethal force must be used against the infected Superman if they are to have any hope of survival.

    DCEASED_DeadPlanet#2_Mattina_Cover — Major Spoilers | Superman wallpaper,  Superman artwork, Dc comics superman

    A desperate final stand ensues. Green Lantern and Cyborg join Wonder Woman in a heart-wrenching battle against the infected Superman. Just as hope seems lost, the Green Lantern Corps arrives, alerted to the catastrophic pandemic. They quarantine Earth, leaving the infected Superman to stew in his rage, absorbing the sun's power as a twisted act of defiance.

    The remaining survivors, a mere fraction of humanity, board the space arks and embark on a journey to an unknown future. Led by the Green Lantern Corps, they arrive on Earth 2, a new world that will serve as their sanctuary. Yet, amidst the relief of survival, a chilling truth hangs heavy in the air. Cyborg, through a cruel twist of fate, learns that the virus was sentient all along. The cure resided within him, a binary construct mirroring the nature of the virus itself. The horror of this revelation is compounded by Wonder Woman, now succumbed to the infection, delivering the final blow to Cyborg.

    As the survivors gaze upon their new home, Earth 2, a multitude of emotions wash over them. Relief at having escaped the clutches of the Anti-Living virus mingles with the profound grief of unimaginable loss. The victory, if it can even be called that, comes at a devastating price. The heroes, forever haunted by the fallen, are left to grapple with a chilling question: in the face of such an existential threat, was the cost of survival simply too high?


    A Bleak Odyssey: Mister Terrific's Desperate Mission in "A Good Day to Die"

    DCeased (2019-): A Good Day to Die #1 eBook : Taylor, Tom, Sook, Ryan,  Braga, Laura, Robertson, Darick, Robertson, Darick, Friend, Richard, Scott,  Trevor, Beredo, Rainier: Books

    "A Good Day to Die" is a grim tale from the pages of DC Comics, a story where heroes fall and hope dwindles. We open on Mister Miracle and Big Barda surveying the wreckage of Apokolips, a testament to a battle lost. Back on Earth, a horrifying truth unfolds: a mysterious infection ravages humanity, turning even Captain Boomerang into a mindless monster.

    Mister Terrific, burdened with finding a cure, seeks the aid of Mister Miracle and Big Barda. But their hopes are dashed – Apokolips is no more. The hunt for a solution continues, leading them to Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, their last hope for reaching a magical nexus in England.

    Meanwhile, John Constantine, a master of the occult, faces his own nightmare. His loyal companion Chas succumbs to the infection, forcing Constantine to make a heart-wrenching choice. This encounter with Mister Terrific's group offers a glimmer of hope, but Constantine remains jaded, refusing to believe a cure exists.

    With both magic and technology exhausted, Mister Terrific turns to Booster Gold's time machine – a desperate gamble for a fresh start. Their escape is thwarted by infected heroes like Fire and Ice, and the tide turns against them. Mister Miracle and Big Barda fall, succumbing to the overwhelming horde.

    Even with the time machine located, Waverider, a cosmic being, stands in their way. Back in a seedy bar, a conflicted Constantine decides to act. He confronts Waverider, ultimately sacrificing himself to ensure the heroes have a chance.

    In a shocking twist, Booster Gold disappears, seemingly chosen by Waverider for this bleak timeline. Big Barda, now infected, brutally murders Mister Terrific. Constantine, enraged by Waverider's manipulation, binds him to the timestream, leading to both their deaths. As Constantine faces his own demise, a glimmer of hope emerges – Zatanna and Doctor Fate arrive, offering a potential escape from this desolate timeline.

    "A Good Day to Die" is a brutal story that explores themes of loss, sacrifice, and the burden of responsibility. With heroes succumbing and hope fading, it leaves readers questioning if any solution truly exists.


    DCeased: Unkillables - Where Villains Become Heroes (and Heroes Become Lost)

    DCeased: Unkillables (2020-) #1 eBook : Taylor, Tom, Porter, Howard, Morey,  Tomeu, Mostert, Karl, Scott, Trevor, Livesay, Edwards, Neil, Lokus, Rex: Books

    DC's "DCeased: Unkillables" flips the superhero script in a brutal and thrilling way. This miniseries plunges the DC Universe into a zombie apocalypse unlike any other. The culprit? The Anti-Life Equation, a deadly virus twisting heroes into monstrous threats.

    From Lone Wolves to Uneasy Allies:

    Our story starts with two anti-heroes facing the devastating reality. Deathstroke, the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe, confronts the infected while Red Hood, the brooding vigilante, stumbles upon the tragic demise of the Bat Family. As their worlds crumble, their paths converge as they seek refuge with a surprising group – other villains. This uneasy alliance includes notorious names like Bane, the master strategist with incredible strength, Lady Shiva, the unparalleled martial artist, and Captain Cold, the techno-criminal who wields the power of absolute zero. The architect of this unlikely team-up? Vandal Savage, a cunning villain with motives as dark as the apocalypse itself.

    Choices, Sacrifices, and the Blurring of Lines:

    Forced to confront the infected hordes and navigate the tension within their own ranks, heroes and villains alike face defining moments. Jim Gordon, the former Commissioner of Gotham City, grapples with the loss of his allies and the ethical quandaries of a world gone mad. Lines blur as desperate choices have to be made, and the cost of survival is high.

    A Glimmer of Hope, but Can It Last?

    After enduring devastating losses and facing internal conflicts that threaten to tear them apart, the remaining survivors stumble upon a beacon of hope. A mysterious safe haven protected by powerful magic offers a chance to rebuild. But the scars of their past battles and the uneasy alliances forged in desperation remain. Can these unlikely heroes hold together, or will the darkness they've faced consume them all?

    "DCeased: Unkillables" is a story that explores survival, the sacrifices we make when the world falls apart, and the unexpected heroes who can rise from the ashes. It's a brutal tale where villains are forced to confront the consequences of their actions, and heroes find themselves questioning everything they thought they knew.


    Hope at World's End - A Glimpse of Heroes in a Dying World

    The DC Universe is in ruins. A deadly virus has turned heroes and villains alike into monstrous threats. Lets dive into "DCeased: Hope at World's End," an anthology series that explores this bleak landscape through the eyes of various heroes.

    Jimmy Olsen, a beacon of hope, documents the struggle for survival. Meanwhile, a time jump hints at a terrifying future where an Anti-Life Army rises. We witness Black Adam's brutal response to the outbreak in Kahndaq - killing the infected to contain the virus. This ruthless tactic sparks tension with Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

    Over in Keystone City, the Flash family faces a different kind of tragedy. While they manage to evacuate civilians to a safe haven, they lose one of their own. Max Mercury falls victim to the virus, forcing Wally West to make a heart-wrenching decision.

    "DCeased: Hope at World's End" is a story of loss, sacrifice, and the flickering hope that persists even in the darkest of times. Stay tuned for further exploration of this gripping tale.